We are a non-profit organization formed in 1990 to meet the needs of the accessibility equipment manufacturers, distributors and end users.


In 2005 the association modified its vision and its OFFICIAL BYLAWS in order to create an “all industry members association”. Any person, firm or corporation with an interest in the private residence elevator and accessibility equipment industry may apply for membership in the association and if approved, become a full voting member with equal input into the activities of the association.

The following excerpt is direct from the bylaws of the association:

Article II – Scope and Definition

a. Scope

AEMA is an association of persons and entities with an interest in the “Private Residence Elevator and Accessibility Equipment” industry.

b. Definition

The term “Private Residence Elevator and Accessibility Equipment. industry includes the design, manufacturing , installation , servicing and maintenance of vertical, inclined and horizontal conveying systems which are used primarily to provide access and/or egress for persons in public and private residence environments, commonly known as platform lifts, stair-lifts, wheelchair lifts, access elevators, private residence elevators, home elevators, stairway chairlifts, limited use/limited application elevators, LULA elevators and similar products. (See Article V-Section 1 for membership qualifications).

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Our Vision for Your Future

To grow and develop the accessibility equipment industry by establishing and participating in programs that promote the awareness, understanding and use of accessibility equipment

To encourage accessibility equipment manufacturers to interact collectively with building owners, code writers, regulatory authorities, accessibility contractors, government and others associated with accessibility equipment

To contribute to the development, standardization and proliferation of safety codes and standards that affect the design, installation and use of accessibility equipment

To promote the common business interests of the accessibility and elevator industries

To serve as a forum for the standardization of accessibility equipment design aspects that impact user safety, security and ease of use, including equipment operation, signage and terminology.

President’s 2019 Message – Evan Petrower

Dear AEMA Members,

I feel privileged to serve as AEMA’s 2021 Board President. As someone who has benefitted so much from this organization in not only how much I have learned about our industry and business but also through the networking and friendships that I have been lucky enough to experience (the late Dave Balmer introduced me to AEMA). It is important to me to be able to give back to this organization and those before and after me. We are living in unprecedented times including a pandemic in addition to other national and international challenges.

It is my pleasure to work with our Board Members in our ongoing efforts to further advance AEMA’s place in our industry. They are as follows:
                               Returning Board Members
                                              Mark Townsend – Garaventa
                                              Maxime Savard – Savaria
                                              Henry Handel – Handel & Sons

                                Returning Officers
                                               Don Zimmerman – Treasurer – Home Elevators of Texas
                                               Bill Paige – Liaison to NAEC – Bruno
                                               Marsha Rucker – Secretary – Neoteric Elevator

                                New Board Members
                                               Shannon Chasteen – Symmetry
                                               Ron Rucker – Neoteric Elevator

I would also like to thank our outgoing President, Kurt Frietzche as well as Board Member, James Boydston for their hard work and dedication.

As you may or may not know our board members work on a voluntary basis. They work at their “Day Jobs” and then work some more to help all of us in our pursuit to install the best and safest accessibility equipment and residential elevators. Without a doubt I can tell you that this Board Membership Group is made up of some of the most dedicated and committed individuals in our industry and I am grateful to them. Any additional support or participation from the General Membership would be greatly appreciated.

My focus and mission as President for 2021 is to grow our organization not just in membership numbers but in the types of support that we can offer to our individual members, not only on a local level but nationally as well. Many of you have benefitted from our Track Bill notifications and the support our group can bring to your State. Our organization is not large, but we can have and need a louder voice for our membership, on both the manufacturing and contractor sides of our industry.

I welcome all of your comments and feedback and look forward to a prosperous 2021.


Evan Petrower


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